Morgan Park Summer Music Festival
Marks 58th Year of Free Concerts in the Park

The audience has settled in chairs and on blankets along the rolling lawns and trees of the park. As twilight fades to darkness, the beauty of the harbor and Long Island Sound just beyond offers an extraordinary backdrop to the stage. The performers appear. A magical evening is about to begin.

And that magic has been happening here in Glen Cove for more than a half century!

Many communities have cherished traditions but few can boast of the longevity of an enterprise such as Morgan Park Summer Music Festival. Managed by a volunteer committee and supported through donations from individuals and the business community, this summer MPSMF continues its beloved tradition of free summer concerts in Morgan Park into a 58th season.

Morgan Park was donated to the people of Glen Cove in 1932 by J.P. Morgan in memory of his wife. But it wasn't until 1959, when Joseph A. Suozzi was mayor of Glen Cove, that free concerts in the park were suggested. Mrs. Richardson Pratt was asked to head a group to present concerts; she, in turn, involved her friends and neighbors. Morgan Park Summer Music Festival was born beginning with one concert that first summer, expanding over the years to offer performances every weekend in July and August. Eventually the park's charming gazebo proved to be inadequate for some of the larger concerts so Marguerite (Marge) Suozzi and a team of volunteers came up with strategies that raised money for the beautiful new stage. The stage, as the concerts, was paid for entirely through donations.

MPSMF has always enjoyed a close relationship with the City of Glen Cove, neither asking for nor receiving financial support. Planning each season of concerts and meeting the budget to present these concerts are entirely the responsibility of the advisory council and executive committee. The executive committee encompasses longtime members such as Margaret Minnick and Nancy Epstein who, with Mrs. Suozzi, have been pivotal to the organization's governance for decades, and others who are newer supporters, bringing new talents to MPSMF. The organization's message reaches into the homes and businesses of Glen Cove, the surrounding communities and to wherever festival fans have moved. Marguerite Suozzi, the long time Chairman of MPSMF, stepped into a new role in November 2014. She is Chairman Emeritus and leads The Marguerite Suozzi Young Performers Talent Competition, beginning in 2015. Tom Suozzi, the new Chairman of Morgan Park Summer Music Festival, cites his long time interest in MPSMF which began as a small child helping his mother. The 2014 Executive Committee voted unanimously to appoint Thomas R. Suozzi as their new leader. Chairman Suozzi has announced his gratitude to the Committee for their help in the transition and has brought new volunteers with him to assist us in our mission to provide excellent free family oriented concerts in beautiful Morgan Memorial Park.

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